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peach pie a la mode

Peach Pie

This Peach Pie recipe has fresh peaches piled high in a flaky pie crust. Top with a pretty lattice top, sprinkle with sugar and you’ve got a pie sure to impress! There’s something about a fresh, perfectly ripe peach that always makes me smile. Though I sometimes struggle to save any fresh peaches for anything […]


Triple Lemon Poke Cake

Every aspect of this Triple Lemon Poke Cake is vibrant and lemony!  With a flavorful base, tangy filling, and sweet homemade whipped topping, this dessert is sure to be a hit!! When my husband and I began dating six years ago now, I remember discussing holiday traditions one evening. We chatted about everything from Santa’s […]


Peanut Butter Bars

There’s something about this awful cold weather that makes me want to put on a pair of sweats, crank up the tunes and bake all day long. I’ve always loved spending time in the kitchen….for me, it’s the perfect combination of stress relief, the ability to let my creative juices flow and the challenge to […]