Kelsey, author of Dance Around The Kitchen, sitting on kitchen counter smiling.

Meet Kelsey

Welcome to Dance Around the Kitchen!  I’m Kelsey – wife, mother, and BFF’s with my KitchenAid mixer.  When I’m not chasing around my two kiddos, running with my 3 ½-legged pup, or challenging my hubby in Chinese Checkers, you can bet I’ll be cooking, baking or dancing in the kitchen! 

You know how singing always sounds better in the shower? That’s how dancing is in the kitchen…. it brings me back to my childhood and spending hours making sure my sister and I’s tap duet sounded just right before the first dance competition of the season (and the numerous times we cut the kitchen vinyl with our taps or lost control of a pirouette launching ourselves in to the fridge, whoops).

I’ve loved being in the kitchen since I was a little tyke. I remember lining up on chairs with my siblings in front of the Kitchen-aid mixer and arguing over who should be the egg-cracker. Fast forward to today, and I can honestly say that my love for food and recipe development has only grown and become a huge passion of mine. My background is in food science, so it’s fun to be able to be the mystery solver (it’s like being part of the CSI, but way more cool!) I love the challenge of having to figure out why a bread didn’t raise properly, why the egg whites won’t form stiff peaks, and why the pie is so salty (that one wasn’t much science though….just salt & sugar in the incorrect canisters!)

Combining my love for food and family is a pretty easy calculation. Almost all family gatherings include food…..after all, a party without cake is just a meeting right?? However, as much as I love food, I also love fitness. Life is all about balance, and my recipe box would certainly reflect that. I’m an ice cream fanatic and lover of all things chocolate, but I also love beautifully roasted vegetables, lean protein, and making changes to recipes to “lighten” them up. My recipes include quick family meals, savory sides, craveable salads, and all the sweets under the sun. Welcome to my blog!

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